Mission Statement
Vivien Vanterpool
Primary School is
committed to educating
its students to their
fullest potential through
the acquisition of
knowledge, skills,
attitudes and values
necessary for competing
within a rapidly changing
national and global
Copyright VAVPS 2009
Welcome To VAVPS Website
On behalf of the staff, parents and pupils of the Island Harbour Primary
School I welcome you to our website which will aim to keep you informed
of the day to day happenings at the school .
With a school population of just over 100, the school prides itself as a
family striving to achieve its aspirations.
We have committed ourselves to the awesome task of enabling these tender minds to explore
endless possibilities.  They are a great bunch of potentiality, if nurtured  can  result  in productive
The teachers plan, organize, and provide opportunities for learning experiences, which
contribute to each and every student's optimal development
We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our stakeholders for their continued and
untiring support.
To our viewers, we hope you find this site informative, inspiring and motivating as we aim to
showcase our pupils' uniqueness and incredible belief that 'each aspiring, all can achieve.'
Kind regards
Tracelyn Hamilton
Principal V.A.V.P.S
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events that occur on that day
‘Each Aspiring, All Achieving’