Mission Statement
Vivien Vanterpool
Primary School is
committed to educating
its students to their
fullest potential through
the acquisition of
knowledge, skills,
attitudes and values
necessary for competing
within a rapidly changing
national and global
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A Brief History of Vivien Vanterpool Primary School
One of the outcomes of the Anguillla Revolution of 1967 was the building of the Island
Harbour Primary School by the Royal Engineers during 1970-1971. There were mainly
two specific reasons why the school was built, firstly, the distance pupils had to travel
to attend the East End Primary School (which was a one-roomed open school with a
roll of over four hundred pupils. Secondly, after the heavy rains of the hurricane
season, the road between the two ponds was covered to a height which made it
impossible for ordinary vehicles to pass.
The building started in 1970 and was completed in August 1971. A number of locals
mostly labourers were employed, but the supervision of the buildings was done by the
Royal Engineers. On September 13th 1971, the school was opened under the
headship of Mr. Vivien Arthwin Vanterpool. There was an enrollment of 203 pupils, one
hundred and seven (107) boys and ninety-six (96) girls. The staff comprised Mr. Vivien
Vanterpool, Principal, Misses Loretta Richardson (now deceased) First Assistant,
Gloria Reid and   Carmen Hodge and Messers Franklin and Robin Richardson.
The school was officially opened on Wednesday 15th September 1971 by H.M.
Commissioner, Mr. Arthur Watson.
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‘Each Aspiring, All Achieving’